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In our board diary we regularly publish portraits and reflection pieces by the people working for SOS MEDITERRANEE.

Professional photographer, Nissim embarked onboard Ocean Viking for his first mission, on January 16, 2023. He joined SOS MEDITERRANEE’s communication team to continue documenting the tragic reality unfolding in the central Mediterranean. Nissim recalls the race against the clock to find 4 missing people fallen overboard before our team arrived on scene, on January 25. After the rescue of 95 survivors from an overcrowded rubber boat in international waters off Libya, teams were alerted by some of the survivors that several people had fallen overboard before our arrival, and that some couldn't be recovered on the rubber boat. That day, at least 4 more people perished in the central Mediterranean. 
Justine, SOS MEDITERRANEE rescuer, was onboard Ocean Viking on April 2021, when the team witnessed the tragic consequences of a shipwreck claiming up to 130 lives. A year later, she wonders: "What’s left of this shipwreck and of the bitter minute of silence on board the Ocean Viking?