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Piantedosi Decree: the price of disregard for maritime law

On January 2, 2023, a Decree Law known as the “Piantedosi Decree” has been introduced in Italy calling for “urgent provisions for the management of migratory flows” undermining the application of the historical and comprehensive maritime and international legal framework of Search and Rescue at sea. Since then, civil rescue ships must navigate to an […]

[Eyes on the central Med #54] Civil NGO ships threatened by Libyan coast guards, while Italian government promises to provide five “fully equipped” additional boats

[19.01 – 01.02.23] The following publication by SOS MEDITERRANEE intends to shed light on events which unfolded in the central Mediterranean in the past weeks. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to provide a general update on maritime search-and-rescue-related matters occurring in the area we have been operating in since 2016, based […]

A unique lifeboat for SOS MEDITERRANEE

Larger, faster, fully equipped and more robust, its ergonomics is entirely designed to increase our rescue capacity and resist the extreme conditions of our operations at sea. Delivered on December 7, 2022, meet our new Easy 1 lifeboat, currently on its first missions at sea.     Max, who was able to test this new […]

Search and Rescue at sea: a worldwide legal obligation for States and shipmasters

SOS MEDITERRANEE ensures transparency of all operations at sea. SOS MEDITERRANEE documents every step of each search and rescue operations on an open-source website. Communication with the authorities and observations from the ship are logged within 48 hours and more information on the legal framework of search and rescue operations at sea can be found […]