Cover photo Eyes on the central Med
Eyes on the central Med

A fatal shipwreck and high numbers of departures in November mark the onset of winter in the central Mediterranean 

[18.11. – 06.12.21] The following publication by SOS MEDITERRANEE intends to shed light on events which unfolded in the central Mediterranean in the past three weeks. It is not intended to be …


Mission report starting October 26, 2021: place of safety for survivors onboard Ocean Viking

Summary The Ocean Viking sets sail to the central Mediterranean on October, 30. During the night of November 2, 45* people were rescued. Between November 2 and November 4 the …

Eyes of the photographer

“Observing him express himself on this chalkboard was beautiful. Seeing him drawing a house was something else.”

Laurence Bondard is communications officer onboard the Ocean Viking for SOS MEDITERRANEE. She was onboard in September 2021. The crew rescued 129 lives from four wooden boats in distress. “I …