Eyes on the central Med

[Eyes on the Central Med #41] In three weeks, more than 2500 people forcibly returned to Libya while the United Nations reiterated its call to re-examine European policies on returning survivors from distress at sea to Libya.

[26.05 – 22.06.22] The following publication by SOS MEDITERRANEE intends to shed light on events which unfolded in the central Mediterranean in the past two weeks. It is not intended …


“You are safe.”

 For people lost in the middle of the sea, after fleeing violence and abuse, these three words mean all the world. “The only sentence they want to hear is: ‘You …


[PRESS RELEASE] SOS MEDITERRANEE alerts on long blockages in the Mediterranean ahead of the summer, a trend that could lead to more deaths at sea

SOS MEDITERRANEE calls for a European commitment to a sustainable disembarkation mechanism for survivors rescued in the central Mediterranean During the latest mission of the NGO ship Ocean Viking, almost …