SOS MEDITERRANEE alerts on long blockages in the Mediterranean ahead of the summer, a trend that could lead to more deaths at sea

SOS MEDITERRANEE calls for a European commitment to a sustainable disembarkation mechanism for survivors rescued in the central Mediterranean During the latest mission of the NGO ship Ocean Viking, almost …


[Statement] “Keeping survivors rescued from near-death at sea stranded on a rescue ship is disgraceful”, Luisa Albera, Search and Rescue coordinator onboard Ocean Viking

“After up to ten days at sea amid rough weather conditions, the 294 remaining women, children and men rescued in the central Mediterranean by Ocean Viking in four difficult operations …


Until when will Europe let a part of humanity sink in the Mediterranean Sea?

Today, while preparing for a new mission at sea, the team onboard Ocean Viking will pay their tribute to those who perished in a shipwreck we witnessed a year ago. A commemoration mixed with sadness and anger as the law of rescue at sea continues to be violated every day since then.


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