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Frequently asked questions about working on board.

By now we have a large pool of experienced Search and Rescue (SAR) team members, but we are regularly looking for new competent people. If you fit the criteria, we look forward to receiving your application to become a member of the SOS MEDITERRANEE Search and Rescue team. Please fill out the application form.

Knowledge in the maritime field and / or sea rescue is a prerequisite condition. Due to harsh working conditions, high physical and mental resilience is also required. “Personal survival techniques” and / or “basic safety training” certificates are desirable.

Please note: Due to the current situation, where time on board might be extended due to stand-offs or the need for quarantines, it is more difficult to predict the duration of a rotation.

Normally, one rotation in the central Mediterranean lasts about three weeks. Afterwards the ship must return to a port, for a crew change for example, for up to three days. Team members are asked to stay aboard for at least two rotations (six to eight weeks) and for a maximum of three rotations (nine weeks). Due to the long training period and the high demand on board, we do not make any exception to these rules. This is in both your and our best interest.

Our team is made up of our Search and Rescue Team (SAR), a medical and care team, a communications team as well as a marine crew of nine people from the shipowner’s company. Our SAR team includes one SAR coordinator, a deputy SAR coordinator and eleven SAR team members. The medical team consists of a team leader, a doctor, a nurse and a midwife. We also have a care team onboard with a care team leader, a logistician and a cultural mediator. Our communications team is composed of a communications officer and a photographer/videographer. In addition, there are places for two independent journalists / media.

We are regularly looking for new applicants to the medical team and care team positions. As the marine crew is provided by the shipowner, SOS MEDITERRANEE is not involved in the recruitment of marine crew members.

The number of positions available onboard is very limited and the nature of our emergency operations require a very selective process of recruitment.

As we receive many applications, please understand that we don't have the capacities to come back to every applicant individually. If we see a possibility for you to join our crew, our operational department will come back to you as soon as possible.